Bobwhite Vines LLC

Chambourcin - a French-American hybrid red cultivar   available since 1963; it has a good resistance to fungal disease, and is considered a very productive grape with crop yields reported ranging from 11.1 tons per hectare to 17.3 tons per hectare in a study performed by Ohio State University.    We have 280 vines currently in Rows S1-S8, planted 2016-17 and 432 vines in Rows W1-W4, planted in 2018.

Marquette - a cold hardy, red wine grape variety with excellent disease resistance. The Marquette grape’s high sugar and moderate acidity make it very manageable in the winery. Marquette represents a new standard in cold hardy viticulture and enology. Introduced in 2006.    We have 245 vines currently in Rows S9-S15, planted 2016-17 and 324 vines in rows W15-W17, planted in 2018

Vidal Blanc - a white hybrid grape variety which is a very winter-hardy variety and manages to produce high sugar levels in cold climates with moderate to high acidity. It is grown widely throughout the United States where it is used to produce both dry and sweet wines.  We have 350 vines currently in Rows N6-N15, planted 2016-17 and 216 vines in Rows W24-W25, planted in 2018.

Vignoles -grafted onto 3309 rootstock, this white grape hybrid will produce tight fruit clusters to produce balanced and fruity late-harvest style sweet white wines, including ice wine, although Vignoles is also used to produce fruity dry and off-dry white wines as well.  Our 2019 plans call for 648 vines in Rows W18-W23.

Frontenac -like it's cousin the Marquette, this cold weather hardy cultivar was developed by the University of Minnesota’s breeding program.  Frontenac has been used for the production of dry red wines, rose, as well as for fortified wine in the style of port.  We have 324 vines in Rows W12-W14, planted in 2018, with an additional 216 planned for 2019, rows W10-W11.

Baco Noir -a highly vigorous French-American hybrid grape and one of the signature red grape varieties of the Hudson Valley.  It can be made into wines as diverse as Burgundian Pinot Noirs, Bordeauxlike Cabernet Sauvignons, light young fall wines or nouveaus, and even rosé..  We have 318 vines in Rows W5-W7, planted in 2018, with an additional 216 planned for 2019, rows W8-W9.

Itasca -a new white grape cultivar developed by the University of Minnesota’s breeding program.  “It’s the first cold-climate grape with low enough acid to make a nice dry white wine,”  The new grape produces a wine that some liken to a sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio, with notes of pear and melon.  We have 175 vines in Rows N1-N5, planted in 2017.