Bobwhite Vines LLC

Oh my!  Our April planting was amazing, just like last year, battling the weather, wet, cold, and in-experience.    We're getting better in the experience department and had a wonderful planting crew to help this year. 

We are excited for our expansion further in 2017, including where we added more Chambourcin, Marquette, and Vidal Blanc grapes, plus a new cultivar, Itasca!  Planting took two consecutive weekends this year, April 21st-23rd  and April 28th-30th, but all are now in the ground.

Come and watch 'them' grow!

We've added both a weather station and a wind power generator to our vineyard.   Both will help us to manage our vines providing both electricity and information on the conditions that the vines are under.   Check out some of our new photos!  

Fine Kansas Grapes Coming Soon!


A Coffey County Kansas Vineyard

Weather Underground PWS KKSGRIDL6

Vineyard Update!

We are a Kansas Vineyard growing operation only and have no current plan to become a licensed Kansas farm winery.  We do produce small batch, 'personal' wine as a means to learn the craft and understand the science behind natures grapes and producing a quality wine.  On the amateur level our wines have won awards for quality.