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"Coffey County was organized in 1859, being named after a member of the territorial council. The area of the county is 648 square miles, and the population 7,235...There are over 4,500 acres of land planted in orchards, nurseries and vineyards; bees are much cared for, and the returns are good." - A New Centennial History of Kansas, Charles Tuttle, 1876

"In 1872, for example, vineyards were reported in fifty counties, and the production of wine in that year was put at about 35,000 gallons.[110] A year later, though the production of wine had fallen off, there were more than five and a half thousand acres of vines reported in the state, from all but seventeen of its seventy-three counties."   - A History of Wine in America

"Kansas has potential for successful commercial grape production. Kansas has several factors that encourage grape production, including soils that are adapted to grape culture, water available for irrigation, and abundant sunshine. Grape acreage in Kansas has steadily increased since the first commercial wineries opened in 1988. Demand for Kansas-grown grapes also has increased because the wine industry has outgrown the capabilities of expanding vineyards."  - Commercial Grape Production in Kansas - KSU Agricultural Experiment
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Kansas Vineyard History